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Randy's Posts

Samsung Galaxy S3 launched in South East Asia

Finally, the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched in Bandar Utama, Malaysia. Already pre-ordered more than 9 million times, the ...
by RandyMay 25, 20121

Not even Android can save Nokia now

How many of us first started with Nokia? I’m willing to bet that for most of you, a Nokia device was your first mobile phone. Having ‘grown ...
by RandyMay 18, 201231

Ainol Novo 7 Elf review and promo code

Can a $150 tablet be any good? We recently had a chance to spend some quality time with the Ainol Novo 7 Elf, and, we must say, for the price, it’s an excellent ...
by RandyApril 13, 201223

HTC One X Impressions – All hail the new king of Android

First Impressions Do you remember 2010? Those were the days for HTC. The HTC Desire and HTC Legend were winners ...
by RandyApril 4, 201225

Galaxy Nexus – It Wasn’t What I Hoped It To Be…

You could say that the Galaxy Nexus is the most anticipated Android device of 2011. It’s what Android enthusiasts were hoping the Nexus S to be when dual core technology started ...
by RandyJanuary 22, 201219

Up Close & Personal With HTC

During the recent HTC Beats Party in Kuala Lumpur, we had a chance to rub shoulders with Wayne Tang, the Product Marketing Manager, Southeast Asia to answer a few questions ...
by RandyDecember 19, 2011

Samsung Mobile Sales Reaches A New High In 2011

  Samsung shipped the most number of smartphones in Q3 of 2011. Now, they’ve achieved a record breaking high in handset sales globally a fact proved by ...
by RandyDecember 14, 2011

Is ASUS Considering the MeeGo Smartphone Route?

MeeGo. Sigh MeeGo… I once erroneously believed that MeeGo had a fighting chance against the giants. After the unexpected turn of events, I no longer believe ...
by RandyDecember 8, 20111

Gametel Bluetooth Controller – Xperia Play Is No Longer Special

Fructel, a gaming peripheral company from Sweden is introducing a new way to play games on your smartphone. Here comes ...
by RandyDecember 4, 20115

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus hands-on and review

Samsung has definitely been striking gold recently. Not only did they create the Galaxy S2, one of the best-selling Android phones in history; they are also threading new ...
by RandyNovember 29, 20119
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