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Google Play Books is getting much smarter with book recommendations

If you keep adding to your collection of half-read books, Google Play Books' new Discover feature might help you find titles that better suit your fancy.
Quinten PlummerSeptember 19, 2016

Samsung launches ‘Focus’ productivity app, plans support for 3rd party devices

Samsung treks deeper into BlackBerry territory with new Focus productivity app.
Quinten PlummerSeptember 16, 2016

Samsung sells off Sharp shares after losing bid to Foxconn

Once the fifth largest stakeholder in Sharp and a potential buyer of the Japanese electronics company, Samsung has ditched all of its shares in Sharp.
Quinten PlummerSeptember 16, 2016

Fourth-person puzzler arrives on Nvidia Shield as a timed exclusive, dubbed Pavilion

Nvidia Shield owners have the chance to be among the first people to play what's being billed as a fourth-person experience, now that 2D puzzler Pavilion has made its first stop in its ...
Quinten PlummerSeptember 15, 2016

Trailer: The dreamlike Where Cards Fall will arrive in 2017

There's a new trailer out for Where Cards Fall, a dreamlike game that's co-developed by the creator of Alto's Adventure.
Quinten PlummerSeptember 15, 2016

Muviz puts a nifty music visualization graphic right on your navbar, no root required

Muviz is a new music visualizer that can float on your device's navigation bar, dancing along to your tunes, while almost any music app is cranking them out.
Quinten PlummerSeptember 15, 2016

OUYA is publishing games now: here’s what’s out there so far

After its assets were saved by Razer, OUYA is still hanging on in the Android gaming space. Instead of making games and gaming hardware, it's publishing Android TV titles now.
Quinten PlummerSeptember 14, 2016

CloudMagic has ‘graduated’ and is now going by the name ‘Newton’ [Updated]

CloudMagic is now "Newton." While it has new name and is going for a more mature look, it's still the same email client you might have already gotten a chance to know.
Quinten PlummerSeptember 14, 2016

Google Maps “experimenting” with retouched Explore section

Maps beta users are reporting an update to the apps' Explore section, but Google isn't ready to talk about it yet.
Quinten PlummerSeptember 13, 2016

eBay introduces Quick Sale, a sorta quicker way to flip your old phone

eBay wants you to help you flip your current smartphone with less time and effort than you might be able to sell it on your own.
Quinten PlummerSeptember 13, 2016
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