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Nicholas Ahn

Nicholas's Posts

eFinger Multitouch on Android

Though you may not have heard of Elan Microelectronics, a small company in Taiwan that focuses on touch surfaces, they were recently recognized for suing Apple for infringing upon ...
by Nicholas AhnApril 13, 2009154

T-Mobile USA to release Android home phone AND tablet

The New York Times is reporting that T-mobile USA has plans to release an Android-based home phone, in addition to a tablet that will operate much like a laptop to “handle ...
by Nicholas AhnApril 6, 2009167

Android on VGA! Well, sort of…

Although we weren’t able to see this for ourselves at Mobile World Congress, EngadgetMobile has seen SIM Technology’s U1 concept, originally a Windows Mobile device, ...
by Nicholas AhnFebruary 23, 2009157

Paid Apps in the Android Market

Last night, BoyGeniusReport received a tip from one of its readers that paid apps were appearing in the Android Market.  You must be unnning the latest firmware update, and the ...
by Nicholas AhnFebruary 20, 2009167

HTC Magic, US Bound for T-Mobile?!

Image from EngadgetMobile Ok everyone, we don’t know how we missed it.  Maybe it’s the automatic association of T-Mobile and Android ...
by Nicholas AhnFebruary 19, 2009184

General Mobile DSTL1 seen Live

Engadget Mobile has gotten a first-look at the General Mobile DSTL1.  Earlier, we reported  that General Mobile had plans to release a dual-sim Android phone with a 5 megapixel ...
by Nicholas AhnFebruary 18, 2009205

How to tether your G1 for use as a laptop modem – kinda

Gizmodo has just published an article that explains how to connect your G1 to a computer for data tethering.  The process requires a USB cable, the Tetherbot App,  the ...
by Nicholas AhnFebruary 14, 20091379

Asus EEE-Phone, with Android?

TechRadar is reporting that Johnny Shih, the CEO of Asus, has mentioned that an EEE-series phone running Android has been something that the company has been looking into.  He ...
by Nicholas AhnJanuary 8, 2009179

Video of the Kogan Agora in action

Earlier today we reported on some pictures of the Kogan Agora running the Android  OS.  A video was recently released, showing a live Kogan Agora running and fully functional.  This ...
by Nicholas AhnJanuary 7, 2009177

Redfly + Android? = Of Course!

The last time you may have seen or heard of Redfly, you might have thought that it was merely a Windows Mobile terminal.  However, the developers at Redfly have announced that they ...
by Nicholas AhnJanuary 7, 2009160
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