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Edmund Apostol

Edmund's Posts

From The Makers Of Gorilla Glass: Fortified Lotus Glass Coming Soon

The glass manufacturing giant Corning is at it again. The very same company that gave you Gorilla Glass had announced in the recently concluded FPD International in Yokohama, Japan the ...
by Edmund ApostolNovember 9, 20112

Broadcast Live Video from Your Android Device with Ustream

With the Ustream app however you can now skip the PC transfer and upload stages and just broadcast a live streaming video feed directly to the web.
by Edmund ApostolNovember 3, 2011

Wave at Your Android TV – Gesture Recognition TV’s in Development

Internet-enabled TV is said to be the next big thing. Just last May, another China-based company came out with a set-top box that runs on the Android operating system. Experts forecast ...
by Edmund ApostolNovember 2, 2011

Supernote for Asus Tablets is a Good Reason to Make Your Parents Buy You a Tablet for School

The Eee Pad Transformer, and its near-twin the Slider, are two of the more notable contributions Asus has made to the rapidly growing Android tablet market. Tablet users have ...
by Edmund ApostolOctober 27, 20113

Enhanced Security Measures From Ice Cream Sandwich

Being able to securely store data is probably the most crucial aspect of having a successful operating system. Besides being able to navigate more easily through your Android ...
by Edmund ApostolOctober 27, 2011

Dual Core Comparison – nVidia’s Tegra 2 vs. TI’s OMAP 4

Go through the lists of hardware specifications of the various popular dual-core Android devices, and you’ll likely notice two processors frequently come up. These would be nVidia’s ...
by Edmund ApostolOctober 25, 20112

Simulate Ice Cream Sandwich Features on Your Android Phone

While waiting for that happy event, you might want to try a few workarounds that could simulate some of the more exciting ICS features on your current mobile device.
by Edmund ApostolOctober 25, 20113

Five Top Android Apps for Collaboration

Collaborative software has been around for quite some time. It used to be called groupware to underline the main function of enabling multiple users to interact online. Now that ...
by Edmund ApostolOctober 20, 2011

Texas Instruments Reveals Processor for Galaxy Nexus

As an enthusiastic Android user, you’ve probably been following the reports about the upcoming Galaxy Nexus. Among other things, much of the excitement about this next big attraction ...
by Edmund ApostolOctober 19, 20116

Bizztrust Takes Android Phone Security To Another Level

Just recently, a new modification of the Android platform called Bizztrust has come out that will not only make this practice unnecessary but turn your Android phone into a veritable ...
by Edmund ApostolOctober 13, 20111
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