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Matthew Sabatini

Matt has been an Android fanatic since the original Motorola Droid. In addition to designing web pages, running his own company, and going to school, he finds time to write for Android Authority. Matt still owns that good old Droid 1 and a Xoom Family Edition.

Matthew's Posts

Galaxy Nexus Finally Lands at Verizon [Only $149.99!]

It has been a long time since the Galaxy Nexus was announced. And frankly, most of us have gotten tired of waiting. Therefore, Verizon, Google, and Samsung finally decided to ...
by Matthew SabatiniDecember 17, 2011

White Droid RAZR Hits Verizon for $299 On Contract

Black has always been “in”. However, recently, white has become the new black. And if you like the new white color, Verizon announced yesterday that you can go ...
by Matthew SabatiniDecember 15, 2011

LG Spectrum for Verizon Poses for the Camera

  Although it is not the prettiest leaked photo, the LG Spectrum has finally made an appearance. More specifically, you can clearly tell that it will not be ...
by Matthew SabatiniDecember 14, 2011

Android Market Gets Updated – Reviews Are Now Friendlier

Recently, the Android Market web store has gone through some changes. First off, now that the Google Music Store has been announced, Google integrated it into the Android ...
by Matthew SabatiniDecember 13, 2011

How to Root Blackberry Playbook And Get Android Market Too

    How did you get your Blackberry Playbook? Did you buy it or receive it as a gift? With the incredible sales reaching as high as $300 off, ...
by Matthew SabatiniDecember 12, 20114

Androidify Winter Update – Holiday Gear For Your Android Buddy

On Friday morning, Google announced that the newest version of its app Androidify had gone live. The new update is mainly based around the holiday season. More specifically, ...
by Matthew SabatiniDecember 12, 2011

“Android Will Be Bigger Than iOS”, Says Eric Schmidt

In a recent interview at Le Web Paris 2011, Eric Schmidt was asked why applications often release on iOS and then make their way into the Android Market. His answer? Complete ...
by Matthew SabatiniDecember 11, 20114

AT&T LTE to Launch in New York City Along With Others

For a while now, AT&T has been making some noise about their 4G network. And no, we’re no longer talking about their fake “4G” HSPA+ network. We are ...
by Matthew SabatiniDecember 11, 2011

Google Voice Search Comes to the Middle East [Finally!]

Google Voice search (commands) has been one of Android’s most signature features throughout the years of its existence. However, due to the amount of work that must go ...
by Matthew SabatiniDecember 11, 20112

Verizon Shared Data Plans Coming in 2012 Says Verizon CEO

For families, sharing minutes and messages is probably the best way to save money. Almost every wireless provider now offers a plan like this. However, to our knowledge, not ...
by Matthew SabatiniDecember 11, 20117
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