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Matthew Sabatini

Matt has been an Android fanatic since the original Motorola Droid. In addition to designing web pages, running his own company, and going to school, he finds time to write for Android Authority. Matt still owns that good old Droid 1 and a Xoom Family Edition.

Matthew's Posts

Developer Interview: Dace Howell of Avatron Software

A lot of work goes into making an app. First, you have to come up with an idea. And not just any idea, your idea should be unique and fun ...
Matthew SabatiniJuly 12, 201232 shares

Parrot Minikit Neo is your Bluetooth assistant and car finder

Texting and driving has been successfully banned in 39 out of 50 states in America. Therefore, Bluetooth control and “hands free” systems ...
Matthew SabatiniJuly 12, 201228 shares

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Ice Cream Sandwich update released

The Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket has been out for over nine months now (it was released back in November 2011). At the same time, Android 4 ICS has been available since about ...
Matthew SabatiniJuly 10, 201228 shares

Scientists develop spray-on Lithium-Ion battery that could turn any surface into a power source

With all of our gaming, constant email checking, and Facebook abuse, it’s a wonder that smartphone ...
Matthew SabatiniJuly 10, 201259 shares

8GB is too little? Four easy ways to free up space on your Nexus 7

Just as you’re about to pre-order that brand spankin’ new Nexus 7, you have to make the decision. Are you going to get the 8GB version ...
Matthew SabatiniJune 30, 20125 shares

Quizlet.com Android apps: online flash cards learning, on the go

Quizlet.com has become a savior for students and learners everywhere. It is a fun and interactive way to memorize vocabulary lists. You can make your own flash cards or ...
Matthew SabatiniJune 29, 201224 shares

Check out the Nexus Q accessories (and some cheap alternatives)

Now that “the first social streaming media player” has hit the market, you are going to need some accessories to go along with it. Surely, Google has already offered speakers ...
Matthew SabatiniJune 28, 201226 shares

Top 5 best social media apps for your Android smartphone

Ever since the explosion of Facebook and Twitter, social apps have become one of the most hotly sought after and downloaded categories for apps. From helping you to ...
Matthew SabatiniJune 14, 201265 shares

A look inside Foxconn, a major industry manufacturer [Video]

In February, ABC’s Nightline news visited Foxconn’s Zhengshou plant to expose poor working conditions and low wages. In addition, ...
Matthew SabatiniMay 31, 201232 shares

Google Glass slated for next year! [Video]

  Over the past few weeks, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and other Google employees have been wearing Google Glasses out in public. This ...
Matthew SabatiniMay 30, 201259 shares
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