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Lucian's Posts

Apple Injunction May be Overturned

Last week I was saying how the German Court’s decision to grant Apple an injunction over Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 makes little sense. Just because 2 products are ...
by LucianAugust 15, 20115

Google Gets Smart, Buys Motorola for $12.5 Billion

We all know that the patent issue has been getting worse lately for Google. Google needed to solve this quickly before it got out of hand, and it seems they’ve just found the ...
by LucianAugust 15, 20113

Behold Samsung’s “iPad” – Made in 2006

This photo frame was launched by Samsung in 2006, and if you wouldn’t know better, you’d probably think it’s an iPad, or at least a tablet that strongly resembles ...
by LucianAugust 13, 201114

Does Motorola Deserve a Boycott?

Motorola has made it clear yesterday that they plan on collecting patent royalties from other Android manufacturers. Here’s Sanjay Jha’s quote (Motorola ...
by LucianAugust 12, 20117

Why Android Needs a Powerful Theme Engine

When Android launched in 2008, it didn’t have a very beautiful UI, and the engineers were probably more inclined to make it as functional as possible first. HTC saw this as an ...
by LucianAugust 12, 20118

Where Does it Stop? Apple Wants German Court to Block Motorola Xoom Too

Just a few days ago we found out that Apple not only blocked the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from launching in Australia, but it also did it in Europe, when a German Court decided to ...
by LucianAugust 10, 201114
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