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Lucian's Posts

Why Verizon Is Blocking Google Wallet on Galaxy Nexus

We’ve heard rumors about Verizon blocking Google Wallet on Galaxy Nexus a while ago, and while this is as anti-competitive as it gets, especially after the new open ...
by LucianDecember 7, 20111

Android Market – 10 Billion App Downloads So Far. Now, 1 Billion Downloads Per Month

The Android Market has reached 10 billion total downloads since its launch, and it looks like the number of downloads per month are already as many as the iOS (1 billion), ...
by LucianDecember 6, 2011

CyanogenMod Will Never Use CarrierIQ or Anything Similar

I’m not too surprised by this as it wouldn’t even cross my mind that CyanogenMod would ever use data monitoring tools like CarrierIQ, but in case anyone was ...
by LucianDecember 2, 20113

Asus Transformer Prime Preview Pictures

BusinessInsider have gotten their hands on an Asus Transformer Prime and so far they are very impressed with how it looks, how thin it is and how fast it performs. They say that ...
by LucianNovember 30, 20116

Windows 8 Could Help Bring Down the Entire Windows Domination

I remember when years ago people were hoping that Linux would end Windows’ domination in the market place, especially with a crippled Apple at the beginning of last ...
by LucianNovember 29, 201126

Asus Transformer Prime Hands-On [Video]

The Asus Transformer Prime is by far the most hotly anticipated tablet this holiday season, and while it remains to be seen if it will have Android 4.0 on time for Christmas, ...
by LucianNovember 28, 20116

Are Sony and LG Ready to Up Their Game in 2012?

Sony is promising to update their whole Xperia line-up to Android 4.0 next year, and also LG says they will update at least 4 of the Optimus phones to ICS: LG Optimus 2X, 3D, ...
by LucianNovember 28, 2011

HTC Needs a Change of Strategy

I don’t think HTC has had a very clear strategy of where they are going for the past 6-12 months. They seem more focused on incremental improvements, releasing more ...
by LucianNovember 23, 20111

Android App Revenue Only 7% of iOS Revenue? Not So Fast

Up until last year Android revenue for app developers used to be pretty abysmal, and in some cases it was even 50 times smaller than iOS revenue. This was in part because of ...
by LucianNovember 22, 201120

LG to Announce a Google TV Device at CES. Is Samsung Next?

Yes, Logitech is giving up on Google TV. But Logitech is only an accessories company anyway, and a company that isn’t that big in the TV market. LG on the other hand, ...
by LucianNovember 14, 2011
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