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Lucian's Posts

Samsung to Make Super AMOLED Displays Even Stronger Thanks to Lotus Glass

Samsung was already using Gorilla Glass in their Galaxy S devices to make them more scratch resistant and shatter proof, but they are now signing a partnership with Corning ...
by LucianFebruary 3, 20121

Galaxy S 3 to Be Waterproofed by Liquipel?

Liquipel is a company that can completely waterproof your phone for about $60 with a nano-coating that is completely transparent so you won’t even notice it with the ...
by LucianFebruary 3, 20121

Comscore: Android Continues to Lead in US by a Large Margin And Is Still the Fastest Growing OS

Market research reports appear all too often, but some of them seem very different or contracting. It’s important you know what type of market share the new chart ...
by LucianFebruary 2, 20121

Is The Asus TF300 a Next-Gen Transformer?

The Transformer Prime was launched about 6 weeks ago, and a couple of weeks after that we already found out about the Transformer Prime TF700, which is pretty much the same ...
by LucianFebruary 2, 20122

Qualcomm Brings Us Closer to a Future of All-IP Communications

VoLTE or Voice over LTE is something Verizon has been trying to implement in their LTE network for a while now. They realize that the future is all about using voice over the ...
by LucianFebruary 2, 2012

AT&T Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S Are Now Able to Install Google Wallet

Well, isn’t this a surprise? It looks like one of the main backers of Isis, the carrier owned mobile payment service, is finally allowing Google Wallet on its NFC ...
by LucianFebruary 2, 2012

Here Comes Galaxy S 2 Plus?

There are 2 more weeks to go until MWC, and we already have a leak for what looks like will be a Galaxy S 2 Plus phone that will be unveiled by Samsung there. Some believe ...
by LucianFebruary 2, 20123

Google Reveals Bouncer and Says Malware Reports Have Dropped by 40% in 2011

Google has just revealed a new security system for the Android Market called Bouncer. They made this last year, and it’s been already running for a number of months, ...
by LucianFebruary 2, 20121

Is Google Docs Finally Good Enough for Tablets?

People have asked for an Android version of Google Docs for a long time, but when they did get it, it wasn’t exactly what they were expecting. The Android version of ...
by LucianFebruary 2, 20121

Whitepaper Gives Spec Details for Sony Xperia S

The Sony Xperia S is due for launch in early March, and it looks like Sony is getting ever closer to their best competition in terms of hardware, design and software. They ...
by LucianFebruary 1, 2012
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