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Florence Ion

Florence Ion is a senior editor at Dgit and a contributing editor to Android Authority. She writes about the Android, smartphones, tablets, IoT, and more.

Florence's Posts

2017 was the year Google normalized machine learning

From its smartphones to its laptops and smart speakers, and even to its new earbuds, Google Assistant and its contextual abilities quickly became the reason to bring home a Google product.
Florence IonJanuary 2, 2018924 shares

Motion Photos on the Pixel 2 are the perfect way to idly capture candid moments

Google introduced Motion Photos with the launch of its Pixel 2 and it's the perfect way to idly capture candid moments.
Florence IonDecember 7, 2017243 shares

Essential VP: “We’ve always thought of building something premium”

We talk to Essential's Rebecca Zavin about software updates and what lies ahead for the Essential Phone.
Florence IonNovember 20, 2017465 shares

The Pixel 2 is the Android experience everyone deserves

If you're judging the Pixel 2 on headlines alone, you're missing out, because when you're using the new phones it's an entirely different vibe.
Florence IonNovember 8, 20171257 shares

You’ll be fine if you’ve already purchased a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL

If all the talk of Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL display issues has you concerned, fret not. You'll be fine, return policies are there for a reason.
Florence IonOctober 27, 2017353 shares

How to use Samsung SmartThings for a Halloween fright

Halloween is a traditional affair but can tech help you? Forget the candles, here's how Samsung SmartThings can make your Halloween extra spooky!
Florence IonOctober 24, 2017105 shares

Why the LG V30 has all the ingredients for success

There are lots of great smartphones on the market, but the LG V30 and its impressive hardware makes it one of the most compelling releases this year.
Florence IonSeptember 29, 20172004 shares
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