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Dan Evans

Android is Dan’s last thought before she closes her eyes at night and her first thought upon waking up in the morning. And, between waking up and sleeping, Android is still in her thoughts. That’s how hooked she has become to Android ever since she started covering Android news and writing Android app reviews.

Dan's Posts

OfficeDrop: Capturing documents, scanning PDF files, and sharing them in the cloud

Before cloud technology and online collaboration were possible, file sharing and collaborating were a nightmare. Sure, you could email files to your group mates or ...
by Dan EvansJuly 16, 20122

Best movie game apps for Android

Some people are just really enthusiastic about showing their burning passion for a certain cartoon, anime, TV series, or movie. Certain people fill their room with official ...
by Dan EvansJuly 11, 2012

Best battery widgets for Android phones and tablets

It’s easy to get carried away with our mobile devices. There are a number of things that can just take up countless hours of your time. Browse the Internet and get lost ...
by Dan EvansJuly 11, 20124

Candy Island Android game: Saving the island from running out of candy

As you can tell from its name, Candy Island – The Sweet Shop will certainly bring you sweet treats when you play it on your Android device. When you launch the ...
by Dan EvansJuly 10, 20121

Best phrasebook apps for Android

A few days ago, we put together an app list for tourists and travelers to help them on their trips abroad, whether for business or leisure. You might have equipped yourself ...
by Dan EvansJuly 3, 20125

Best aquarium and fish live wallpapers for Android

There’s just something so calming about watching fish swim. Perhaps it’s the way they seem to be in no real hurry. Regardless, it cannot be denied that watching ...
by Dan EvansJune 29, 20127

Stereomood: Finding a music track to match your mood

Your music collection might be huge and it just keeps growing because you want to give every mood you have and every activity you engage in an appropriate soundtrack. But, ...
by Dan EvansJune 26, 2012

Civic Incivility 2012: Kick and punch your presidential candidate’s way to the White House

Does anyone remember those older fighting games where characters travel all over the globe to fight each other against a backdrop of carefully rendered scenery? While keeping ...
by Dan EvansJune 26, 20121
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