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Conan Hughes

Contributor at Android Authority covering all things Android.

Conan's Posts

Google+ receives update, adds new community features and notification tray

The folks at Google have updated their social networking app, Google+, adding new moderation features and a notification tray.
by Conan HughesJanuary 31, 2013

Google Earth adds more than 100,000 new tours

A major upgrade to Google Earth's virtual tour guide feature adds new tours exceeding 100,000, as well as 1 million photos from user submissions.
by Conan HughesJanuary 31, 2013

Android slowly siphoning Apple’s coolness among students

While students are a key audience for Apple, telltale signs show a gradual shift towards the Android operating system and its mobile devices.
by Conan HughesJanuary 30, 201313

Dungeon Quest now out in Play Store as beta release

A new free-to-download action-RPG game full of fantasy and sorcery has arrived at Google Play as beta: Dungeon Quest.
by Conan HughesJanuary 30, 2013

ZTE teases Firefox OS smartphone for MWC 2013 launch

Whereas other phone makers tend to keep mum about their upcoming devices, ZTE just cannot hold back its excitement to reveal its new Firefox OS smartphone.
by Conan HughesJanuary 30, 20132

Gmail’s ‘Quote Selected Text’ goes back to Labs due to user confusion

The Gmail feature "Quote Selected Text" has apparently graduated too soon to be perfectly primed for general use, so Google moved it back to Labs.
by Conan HughesJanuary 29, 20131

Sony Xperia Z slated for February 9 release in Japan

While many countries are scheduled for release sometime “during Q1,” Japan seems to be the first to take hold of the device, with a possible date as early as February 9.
by Conan HughesJanuary 28, 2013

Apple iPhone lags behind Coolpad 8060 in China sales

A company that barely makes up a percent of Apple’s size is selling the Coolpad 8060 smartphone in droves in China, surpassing even the popular iPhone.
by Conan HughesJanuary 28, 20137

LG Nexus 4 Launch in Saudi Arabia coming ‘very soon’

With the Nexus 4 continuing to expand its availability in multiple countries, Saudi Arabia is about to enjoy an imminent release of this popular smartphone.
by Conan HughesJanuary 28, 20136

Adam Outler’s new “jailbreak” bypasses recent Verizon security fix for Galaxy Note 2

Even though Verizon rolled out a fix for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and rendered old rooting methods defunct, a new working "jailbreak" has been released.
by Conan HughesJanuary 28, 20134
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