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Brendan Lynch

Brendan has been a technology writer for several publications and has published articles on several platforms. His true love is Android however. When he's not writing, he's busy working towards his Music Performance degree and using Android every step of the way!

Brendan's Posts

AT&T HTC One rooted, bootloader unlocked

The AT&T HTC One slipped out of some AT&T locations this weekend, a full week before its official launch date. Less than 24 hours later, the bootloader has been unlocked and the device ...
Brendan LynchApril 15, 201384 shares

All Ouya Kickstarter backers will receive their consoles by the end of May

The excitement regarding the Ouya game console is rising, as early backers began receiving their consoles earlier this month. Now, the company has given an update to the backers that ...
Brendan LynchApril 15, 201394 shares

Dungeon Hunter 4 release delayed, Gameloft posts new trailer

Gameloft has just announced via Dungeon Hunter’s Facebook page that the release of the game for Android and will be delayed. The announcement comes coupled with a new exclusive trailer.
Brendan LynchApril 13, 2013162 shares

Rockmelt discontinuing social web browser in favor of Rockmelt for Web

In the coming months, Rockmelt will be discontinuing its social web browser in favor of Rockmelt for Web, a content discovery and sharing service.
Brendan LynchApril 13, 2013115 shares

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo headed to the UK in May, pricing still unknown

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo is officially headed to the UK sometime in May, although pricing details are not available for this entry-level Android handset.
Brendan LynchApril 11, 201383 shares

Google unveils Inactive Account Manager to handle data after inactivity periods or death

Google unveiled a new feature for Google accounts, the Inactive Account Manager which will help you control what happens to your data when your account goes inactive.
Brendan LynchApril 11, 2013150 shares

Verizon drops Samsung Galaxy S3 price to $99, Galaxy S4 coming?

Verizon has dropped the Samsung Galaxy S3 price to $99 (on contract) likely in anticipation of the the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 launch.
Brendan LynchApril 9, 2013118 shares

Koush releases universal ADB driver for Windows

CWM founder Koush releases universal ADB driver specifically for Windows machines. This means users won't have to install separate drivers for each device.
Brendan LynchApril 8, 201364 shares

GameStick now shipping to developers, early-backers delayed till June

PlayJam's GameStick is now shipping to developers as expected, while early-backers of the KickStarter project will have to unfortunately wait until June.
Brendan LynchApril 7, 201383 shares

Acer Iconia A1-810 outted, takes aim at the iPad Mini

The Acer Iconia A1-810 has been uncovered and is currently available for pre-order in France. It is designed to challenge the iPad Mini in terms of specs.
Brendan LynchApril 7, 2013135 shares
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