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Brandon Sobotta

Brandon has been into Android since the G1, and has played with devices such as the Hero, Moment, Evo, Epic, Incredible 2, and his current favorite the Droid 3. His passions with Android lay with rooting and ROM's, while at the same time learning all the new tricks he can do with his Droid 3.

Brandon's Posts

Android Authority smartphone buying guide: July 2012

A lot has happen since we published our June’s Smartphone Buying Guide in this crazy world we know as Android. Verizon has seen the addition of a few new phones, something ...
Brandon SobottaJuly 16, 201243 shares

Android Authority smartphone buying guide: June 2012

This month’s buyer’s guide brings something different to Android Authority. We have rolled together all the US mobile networks in one place, and have selected only the ...
Brandon SobottaJune 9, 2012114 shares

A Review of the Archos 10.1 G9 Turbo 250 GB – Android 4.0 ICS out of the box with bottomless storage

When I first heard of the Archos tablets with an actual built in hard-drive I was very skeptical. A few questions popped in my head about battery life, response time, weight, ...
Brandon SobottaApril 15, 2012111 shares

App Review – EyeEm

I was given the EyeEm app to review shortly before Instagram was released for Android. I had no idea what either were, but a crash course in photo social networking soon ...
Brandon SobottaApril 12, 201280 shares

Enhanced Email – App review

Enhanced Email is an email client that offers a wide range of features and support to the average Android user.  Does Enhanced Email offer you something more then your ...
Brandon SobottaApril 8, 201247 shares

Game Review – Burger Joint

“Watch carefully as ingredients fall from the top of the screen, and tap the plates to juggle toppings into just the right position. The higher you stack, the more points ...
Brandon SobottaMarch 29, 201241 shares

AT&T Buyer’s Guide: March 2012

It’s been just over a month since we’ve last looked at the phones available on AT&T and a lot has changed. Most of the phones I recommended last month are gone off the ...
Brandon SobottaMarch 24, 201255 shares

Jawbone ERA: Hands-on review

  When the Jawbone ERA arrived at my doorstep, it caught me completely off guard: I completely forgot it was heading my way for a review. But after spending some time ...
Brandon SobottaMarch 19, 201240 shares

Lenovo IdeaPad A1 7″ Tablet Review

What’s good: A well-rounded tablet for the price. The Lenovo IdeaPad A1 has everything you could need from a slate, including a decent screen, GPS, Bluetooth, and a front and back ...
Brandon SobottaMarch 15, 201252 shares

Call Actions Review – Streamline To Do’s After Phone Calls

Many times when you receive calls on our smartphones, you are on the go. This may make it hard to write down an important piece of information you ...
Brandon SobottaMarch 8, 201261 shares
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