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Arnold Zafra

Arnold's Posts

Samsung gives out free Olympic tickets to first 50 owners of the Galaxy S3

Needless to say, Samsung really wants to make sure that the upcoming Galaxy S3 will get as much publicity and hype as possible in the UK in the coming weeks. Word on the ...
by Arnold ZafraMay 28, 20122

Oppo Finder, the world’s thinnest smartphone, goes up for pre-order on June 6

  One way or another, we will finally get to see the “world’s thinnest smartphone” in the coming days, and no, it’s not the Ascend P1 (in ...
by Arnold ZafraMay 28, 20121

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos announced, unveiled as a dual-sim phone

Samsung has just announced the availability of the new Galaxy Ace Duos, a new dual-sim phone which is said to have the ability to forward a call ...
by Arnold ZafraMay 26, 20128

Lenovo Thinkpad finally gets a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich in UK, coming soon in the US

Remember when we told you that the Lenovo Thinkpad Android tablet would be getting a taste of Ice Cream too? Well, it’s starting to happen right now in the UK and some ...
by Arnold ZafraMay 26, 201212

Bump for Android now lets you “magically” move photos from phone to PC

Do you remember that cool Android app that lets you transfer photos from one Android phone to another by simply, well bumping two Android phones together? Right, it’s ...
by Arnold ZafraMay 25, 20122

Diablo 3 gets its own Android app for checking server status

As of today, Blizzard’s Diablo 3 is already the fastest selling PC game of all time. That’s according to Blizzard, who also announced that they have sold 3.5 ...
by Arnold ZafraMay 25, 20121

Gameloft releases Men In Black game for free

They are the universe’s best-kept secret; the Earth’s best, last and only line of defense. They are the Men in Black and they are back. Men in ...
by Arnold ZafraMay 24, 20121

Samsung Galaxy Appeal, a $149.99 slider, up for grabs from AT&T Go Phone

AT&T has announced that the Samsung Galaxy Appeal will be available under its Go Phone deals starting June 5. The phone happens to be the first slider Android smartphone ...
by Arnold ZafraMay 24, 20122

Amazon Appstore update now lets you test drive apps before buying

I have to admit that, when Amazon launched its own store for Android apps, I was among those who asked why Amazon created its own app store. It all became clearer a while ...
by Arnold ZafraMay 23, 2012

Electronic Arts quietly releases Mass Effect Infiltrator, a little late to the party

Electronic Arts (EA) has just unveiled the action-packed Mass Effect Infiltrator, now available on Google Play. As you might have guessed from the title, the third-person ...
by Arnold ZafraMay 23, 20122
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