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Aerol Bibat

Aerol is all about delivering the latest Android news -- fast. Ever excited about technology, Aerol loves covering all of the great budget oriented Android technology that keeps popping up every day.

Aerol's Posts

Baidu Steps On Android Market’s Toes

The current trend of mobile devices depends mostly on the operating systems being used. Android is currently in a tight race with iOS. One of the main advantages of Android is the ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 17, 20111

Touch S1: China Delivers Another Cheap Android Tablet

Chinese Android tablets are not exactly known for their dependability. Most of the time these Shenzhen-made creations are sold in Chinese and foreign ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 17, 20111

Romanian Neura Android Tablet Set To Challenge iPad 2

When we think about Android tablets, we usually think of products from China or Asia. This is a reasonable assumption since a lot of today’s production facilities for ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 17, 20113

MagicTile Tablet From India Still Packing Froyo

India’s one of the upcoming tech giants. The subcontinent is home to millions and, like China, has a growing middle-class that seeks the technological revolution of the ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 17, 2011

Cricket Wireless To Bring In Huawei Ascend II

Huawei may not exactly be in the same pedigree as Nokia or Motorola, but the China-based company has been consistently putting out quality electronics for a while now. They’re ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 13, 2011

Update Your Android Market Now!

The Android Market is literally the backbone of the platform. A venue for apps to be shared and obviously one of the big sources of income for Google on the platform, it has become ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 13, 20112

New Ustream App Optimized For Android Honeycomb

Honeycomb users maybe on the cutting edge of Android development, but one of the disadvantages of being on the cutting edge of things is that you’re one of the first adopters ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 12, 2011

Another Cheapo Android Tablet Launched: the Haipad

Last week saw the release of a new entry into the Android tablet market, Haier’s HaiPad. It isn’t exactly new but rather the latest implementation of the Chinese ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 12, 2011

NASA App Launched To The Market

Who didn’t want to become an astronaut when he was a kid? The wonders of space flight has always been a great joy for many young people and the young at heart. Unfortunately, ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 11, 20111

Android Tablet/eReader Coming From Panasonic

When we last heard from Panasonic, they had plans for as Toughbook Android Tablet. You would think that the Japanese electronics giant would be satisfied with that – but it ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 11, 2011
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