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Aerol Bibat

Aerol is all about delivering the latest Android news — fast. Ever excited about technology, Aerol loves covering all of the great budget oriented Android technology that keeps popping up every day.

Aerol's Posts

LG 2011 Roadmap Reveals A Lot Of Android Phones

We’re all familiar with roadmaps, at least in the tech sense. They’re the documents that companies use to indicate what they’ll be doing for the entire year. So ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 24, 2011

Panasonic Android eReader Now Official

We first heard about Panasonic’s plans for an Android e-book reader a few weeks ago. The information was pretty vague and Panasonic was being pretty cagey withe the details. ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 24, 2011

Marvel Releases Android Captain America Game

Everyone is up in arms about Captain America! Mostly because of the recent movie that came out. Well, let it not be said that Marvel Entertainment was lax in their PR ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 24, 20112

Motorola Defy+ Android Phone Will Go To AT&T?

Mobile phones are fragile electronic devices that can easily get smashed or damaged by the elements, which is why Motorola’s Defy is such an impressive piece of hardware. ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 24, 20113

Windows Live For Android?

Well, this is a bit of a surprise. The Windows Team have recently blogged that they’ve given developers access to tools so they can integrate Windows Live on several mobile ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 23, 20118

Fox Brings Movies To Phones and Tablets

Piracy has been one of the big issues of the Internet ever since megabyte-speed lines and smaller video files were developed. Music and movies are the usual targets for piracy ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 22, 20111

The Sheng 708 Shows Up In Hong Kong

Diversity produces innovation. It’s great to have a lot of products in a competing market – they sort of encourage each other to improve. Here’s an example of that ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 20, 2011

Lenovo Releases Honeycomb Tablets

Well, those who’ve been hankering for some solid news about Lenovo’s Android products, here’s some solid info. We’ve known about these two for a while but ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 20, 2011

Do Some Mental Training With SPB’s Brain Evolution

Our brain is the biggest muscle in our body. Like any muscle, it gets better with use. Of course, you can do it the normal way and study, but there’s more than one way to train ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 18, 2011

Arduino Releases Android-compatible Board

Arduino is an electronics manufacturer that’s made a name for itself by making a series of low-cost, basic, open-source hardware and software that are designed to be tinkered ...
by Aerol BibatJuly 18, 20111
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