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Simon Hill

Simon is an experienced tech writer with a background in game development. He writes for various websites and magazines about the world of tech and entertainment. He uses Android every day and is currently permanently attached to his Galaxy Note 5.

Simon's Posts

Google’s plan to help make VR a reality

It looks as though virtual reality is really going to take off this time, and Google is intent on lowering the barrier to entry for developers and users. We take a look at Cardboard, ...
by Simon HillJune 4, 20157

Google I/O preview: what Google has in store this year

We take a look at what we expect to see at Google I/O 2015. Android M, new hardware, Android Auto, TV, and Wear, the smart home, Google Photos, the list goes on and on.
by Simon HillMay 25, 201512

What will Android M bring?

We're expecting Android M to be unveiled at Google I/O in a week, but what new features will it deliver? We take a look at the possibilities, suggest a couple of things we'd like to ...
by Simon HillMay 20, 201595

What would make the perfect smartphone?

What do you look for first in a new smartphone? How do you find the right combination of screen size, processor, camera, connectivity, durability, and extra features? We go in search of ...
by Simon HillMay 19, 201593

How a yearly release cycle could improve the Android experience

Is Google finally getting into an annual groove with regard to Android updates? Does it make a difference to OEMs, developers, and Android users? We take a look at the pros and cons.
by Simon HillMay 11, 201522

EU vs Google: is there a case against Google?

Why is the European Commission bringing an antitrust case against Google? What does the investigation into Android mean? We take a look at the topic and try to make sense of it.
by Simon HillApril 30, 201513

Does Google need to return to China? It’s complicated.

Apple is seeing incredible growth in China, but Google is still embroiled in an argument with the Chinese government. Is the world's biggest smartphone market too big to ignore? Is it ...
by Simon HillApril 17, 201518

Should we be worried about Android app permissions?

Are we unwittingly giving away our private data when we accept Android app permissions? Why don't we have more fine-grained control? What are these apps actually doing with our personal ...
by Simon HillApril 10, 201521

Is Google bringing Android and Chrome OS together?

People have been wondering for a while now whether it really makes sense for Google to have two separate operating systems. There are signs that Chrome and Android are getting closer. ...
by Simon HillApril 6, 201554

Is Samsung right to move away from Qualcomm?

The decision to use its own Exynos SoC and not Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 in the Galaxy S6 has generated a lot of fuss. What is Samsung up to? Is it the right move? What impact is it ...
by Simon HillApril 1, 201592
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