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Apple & Samsung dominate: Japan’s electronics market becoming harder to survive in

Innovation is a tough thing. In the electronics market, it's pretty unforgiving if you can't do it. Just ask Sony, Panasonic, and Sharp, once kings of the U.S and Japanese markets. But ...
nathanOctober 1, 2012117 shares

Startup LightSquared files with FCC, gets banned because of GPS interference

LightSquared, the company that aims to be the United States' 5th nationwide wireless carrier, is yet again facing off with the government over proposed engineering solutions that ...
nathanOctober 1, 201261 shares

Optimus 4X HD will debut in Canada in October

Yup. Finally, the Great North will see the likes of the long-awaited Optimus 4x HD. The much hyped and more-than-capable-to-deliver phone is apparently being released on WIND Mobile and ...
nathanSeptember 28, 201251 shares

Samsung Galaxy S3 gets the ‘rapper swag’ treatment

Carrying this hot seller around encrusted in diamonds does sound a bit like a robbery waiting to happen, but don't let us stop you.
nathanSeptember 28, 2012134 shares

Android smartphone users don’t download much on cellular

Hot on the heels of a report about Americans spending more every year on their smartphones and data plans, we bring news that may make carriers a little less happy. It seems downloads ...
nathanSeptember 28, 201276 shares

Huawei and EE team up for exclusive offer

If you're in the UK and you're itching to have a new unit in your hand soon, we have good news: the Huawei Ascend P1 LTE has been named as an EE exclusive. No that's not a typo. ...
nathanSeptember 27, 201277 shares

LG lobs a patent infringement lawsuit at Sammy over “stolen OLED tech”

Everyone wants a piece of Samsung these days, it seems. I'm not if it's because of their skyrocketing status or just because everyone wants to copy Apple, but LG is the latest inhibitor ...
nathanSeptember 27, 2012103 shares

Smartphones: Americans’ expensive new addiction

Ok, so we know nobody has ever accused Americans of being stingy. The occasional sale comes along and they indulge. The coupon book arrives in the mail or Groupon is accessed and voila! ...
nathanSeptember 26, 201277 shares

Bad Piggies from Rovio available starting Sept. 27

It's that time again. Everyone's favorite game from the same folks who made Angry Birds has a cousin now. Meet Bad Piggies, another physics-based mechanics speed-warped fun-fest for all.
nathanSeptember 26, 201258 shares

ExoTablet makes Padfone-esque combo but do they deliver the goods?

One look at this thing and you'll be singing the praises of ASUS no doubt. However, the Transphone is not meant to be a ripoff of the better-known Padfone, it just happened to be made ...
nathanSeptember 26, 201283 shares
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