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Nate Swanner

Nate's Posts

Sony Xperia Z Ultra will ship as early as September 6 in the UK

For those who went through Expansys to pre-order their device, the online retailer is noting they will ship on September 6.
by Nate SwannerJuly 17, 20132

AT&T Next is a poorly devised scam

This is another instance in a long line of carriers’ acting as though mobile devices are theirs to dole out at their whim, on their terms. Rather than offering something fair, they're ...
by Nate SwannerJuly 16, 201373

WSJ: Google has approached media companies about a streaming service

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google has approached several major media companies about licensing their content for a TV service. Like Netflix or Hulu, the service would be ...
by Nate SwannerJuly 16, 20131

Xiaomi made more in Q1 2013 than all of 2012

Xiaomi is very popular in China. So much so, that many treat a device release from them as an event, worthy of skipping work for. They have 14 million users in China, Hong Kong, and ...
by Nate SwannerJuly 16, 20134

Sony Smartwatch 2 set for September 9 release

At right around $200, it’s not a significant investment for many, but also not an impulse buy. The success or failure of this will depend on apps and interface. Sony says their ...
by Nate SwannerJuly 16, 20134

The Play Store may be coming to Google Glass

The Play Store on Glass would be a strange experience, as it stands. It would be great to have the option to purchase apps and media via Glass, but navigating the Play Store on Glass ...
by Nate SwannerJuly 16, 20131

Home automation via Google Glass? Yes, please.

In the video below, they show off their new Glass app, which allows users to control their home and/or office via Google’s headset. While it does show our host meandering around his ...
by Nate SwannerJuly 15, 2013

Sprint will ship three new triple band LTE devices soon

Good news for fans of mobile hotspots today, as Sprint has announced their first triple band LTE devices will start shipping soon. These devices will take advantage of the 800MHz ...
by Nate SwannerJuly 15, 20134

Apple’s iPhone: domestic staple, potential international failure

If Apple wants the continued support of carriers, they’ll probably have to soften their stance in regard to the iPhone. It’s the only device Apple requires support with, and the growing ...
by Nate SwannerJuly 15, 201315

Reports suggest new Amazon Kindle devices will be metal, coming in late August

There is, of course, no official word from Amazon, but some interesting clues hint to a new device. According to Chinese site UDN, Amazon has awarded an RFP for one million tablet ...
by Nate SwannerJuly 15, 20133
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