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Lucian's Posts

LG Phones Will Not Get Android 4.0 Until April 2012. They Still Don’t Get It

I’ve been criticizing LG for not going full force on updating their phones to the latest versions of Android. It seems the criticism was well placed because LG still ...
by LucianDecember 27, 20111

Novo7 Paladin with Android 4.0 Will Come to US for $120

The Novo7 Paladin tablet made a big splash a few weeks ago when it was announced to be the first Android 4.0 tablet. That came as a big shock, because the company behind it, ...
by LucianDecember 27, 20111

Asus Transformer Prime Launching on January 12th in UK

It seems the Asus Transformer Prime was delayed by at least a month compared to the initial reports that it will be launched on December 9th, then pushed to 19th, and now, at ...
by LucianDecember 26, 20119

Were You Waiting for the ICS UI On Galaxy S2? Sorry to Disappoint

Well here’s some bad news for some (most?) of you. It looks like even though the Samsung Galaxy S2 will receive an update to Android 4.0, it will look nothing like ICS ...
by LucianDecember 15, 201127

Android 4.0 Starts to Get Optimized for Qualcomm S4 Chips

Last year Qualcomm got behind everyone else in dual core chips and not only in time to market, but also in performance. The dual core 1.2 Ghz S3 chip could easily be ...
by LucianDecember 14, 20113

Plants vs Zombies Finally Coming to the Android Market This Week

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but Plants vs Zombies has only been available in the Amazon App Store so far, and it’s been quite a few months since it ...
by LucianDecember 14, 2011

Sony Ericsson Arc HD (Nozomi) Shows Up Again

The Arc has been one of  Sony Ericsson’s best smartphones this year. It was slim, as it was supposed to be, since most of their competition had phones like that ...
by LucianDecember 14, 2011

Galaxy S3 Fan-Made Teaser and Possible Specs

For the past 2 smartphone tech generations, Samsung has gone beyond our expectations in terms of performance and quality with their high-end Galaxy S models. So I ...
by LucianDecember 13, 20117

Preview of Tegra 3 Tablets: Asus Transformer Prime vs HTC Quattro vs Lenovo LePad K2 vs Acer Iconia A700

Even though Tegra 3 tablets are arriving much later than when Nvidia promised us at MWC this year (for late August), they should still be able to hold the ground as the most ...
by LucianDecember 12, 201127

Why Can’t Android Manufacturers Just Re-Invent the Wheel?

I’ve just stumbled upon an article on Techcrunch that says much of what I’ve been saying in the past about the whole idea that Apple should have legal monopoly ...
by LucianDecember 11, 20119
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