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Lucian's Posts

Mediatek MT6575 1 Ghz Cortex A9 Chip to Power Sub-$200 Android 4.0 Smartphones

Mediatek is announcing a new 1 Ghz single core Cortex A9 chip called MT6575, that is optimized for Android 4.0, and should play a big role in the low-end smartphones in the ...
by LucianFebruary 13, 2012

Amazon Ad: Three Kindles Still Cost Less than an iPad

Amazon has had some pretty good commercials for the Kindle, and they’re usually very good at pointing out the Kindle’s big advantages as an e-reader. This new ad ...
by LucianFebruary 9, 2012

The Carriers Hate the iPhone (And Love Android)

That carriers love Android is not really a surprise. Go to any carrier, anywhere in the world, and you’ll notice that most of their smartphones are now based on ...
by LucianFebruary 8, 201213

Using an Android Smartphone as Your PC

I don’t remember exactly when I first thought of this idea (your phone being the only computer you need), but I know it was many years ago, probably before Android was ...
by LucianFebruary 8, 201221

Beta ICS ROM Comes to the Viewsonic G-Tablet

The G-Tablet was one of very first Tegra 2 tablets, long before the Motorola Xoom appeared. Unfortunately this also meant that it came with an un-optimized version of Android ...
by LucianFebruary 7, 2012

AT&T Galaxy Note to Have Snapdragon Chip with Lower Performance than Exynos

  One of the things I like about Samsung and don’t like about HTC is that they are willing to use other chips for their devices, especially if one of their ...
by LucianFebruary 6, 20127

Google Glasses – The Next Computing Paradigm?

There’s something big coming, and that’s the Google Glasses. I don’t know exactly what the next “personal computing” paradigm will be, but I ...
by LucianFebruary 6, 201225

How to Install Carrier-Blocked Apps Such as Wireless Tether, Google Wallet and Car Home

From time to time, Google complies with carrier demands that, unfortunately; censor applications that would circumvent certain restrictions that are being imposed by the ...
by LucianFebruary 4, 20123

Lookout Launches “Push Ad Detector” for Those Annoying Notification Ads

Some apps use ads from shady ad networks which allow developers to push ads into the notification bar of the phone; without requiring any action from you. In a way, they are ...
by LucianFebruary 4, 20121

“Secure” Android Phones to Be Given to Government Officials and Contractors

This piece of news is probably a bigger hit to RIM than anyone else, because when it comes to enterprises and Governments who want to use secure smartphones, they have always ...
by LucianFebruary 3, 20121
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