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Humble sand could one day triple the battery life of your smartphone

A new technology could potentially make smartphone batteries last three days, as opposed to one day in the case of the typical batteries of today. The secret is replacing the graphite ...
Erik EggersJuly 14, 2014

China deems the iPhone a national security threat

On Friday, China’s state run China Central Television (CCTV)  deemed Apple’s iPhone a national security threat. The threat is due to Apple’s “Frequent Location” ...
Erik EggersJuly 12, 2014

Android L experience added to Nova Launcher

The Android L Developer Preview launched on June 26th and with any developer preview, there are possible bugs. The developer preview may not be stable enough to be a ...
Erik EggersJuly 11, 2014

Following the TSA’s lead, uncharged devices also banned from UK flights

Following the TSA's example, the UK is now banning uncharged electronic devices from certain flight routes.
Erik EggersJuly 9, 2014

Hollywood’s nightmare, Popcorn Time, aims for Chromecast

Popcorn Time has grown in popularity due to it’s ease of use and Netflix like experience. Oh, did I mention that it is free? The open source software streams ...
Erik EggersJuly 9, 2014

Sony Xperia Z Ultra, LG G Pad 8.3 and HTC One (M7) dropped from Play Store

Google has dropped the amount of Google Play Edition devices down to three from five. Until today’s change, Google had the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, LG G Pad 8.3 and HTC ...
Erik EggersJuly 8, 2014

Samsung factory robbed, $36 million in electronics stolen

On Monday, a Samsung factory located in the city of Campinas, in São Paulo, Brazil, was robbed and held at gunpoint. According to ZDNet, around 20 men disguised as factory ...
Erik EggersJuly 7, 2014
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