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Bobby Situkangpoles

Coming from a place where phone subsidy is non existent, Bobby spent the last decade obsessing over getting the best bang for the buck when it comes to mobile technology. When not writing about mobile tech, he either provides linguistic services to local companies/communities or gets lost in his garage detailing old German cars. It is safe to say that swirl marks are something he just can't live with.

Bobby's Posts

Samsung’s troubles start in China, but could end up global

Some say that knowing the cause of a problem is half of the battle. Looking at its letter to investors, it's hard not to think that the tech giant has missed a major cause of its troubles.
Bobby SitukangpolesJuly 16, 2014166 shares

Xiaomi Mi 3: Flipkart will be the exclusive retailer in India

Xiaomi previously announced that it would start taking pre-orders for the Mi 3 in India on Tuesday, July, 15. Now local online retailer Flipkart just announced that it will be selling ...
Bobby SitukangpolesJuly 14, 2014232 shares

Why Android One was Google’s most important announcement at I/O

In less than 12 months, we could see Android One smartphones with HD screens and quad-core internals, maybe even LTE, for under $100. That means that even folks earning less than $200 a ...
Bobby SitukangpolesJuly 4, 2014770 shares

Hugo Barra explains Xiaomi’s overseas expansion – Exclusive

In the third part of our Xiaomi profile, Hugo Barra talks about the company's next expansion targets, challenges, and Xiaomi's ecosystem friendly approach.
Bobby SitukangpolesJune 14, 2014297 shares

Hugo Barra talks Xiaomi business model, international expansion and more – Exclusive

Hugo Barra started his interview with Android Authority by talking in detail about Xiaomi’s business model, how e-commerce is in the company's DNA, and how Xiaomi is now the third ...
Bobby SitukangpolesJune 11, 2014152 shares

Hugo Barra: North America is in Xiaomi’s pipeline – Exclusive

Hugo Barra talks about plans for Xiaomi to enter the North American market and how he would win the American consumers' minds, hearts, and souls.
Bobby SitukangpolesJune 11, 2014229 shares

OnePlus, Motorola, Xiaomi… why is it so hard to buy their phones?

We all hate it when we can't buy that cool, affordable phone we wanted. Here's why we should cut underdogs some slack.
Bobby SitukangpolesMay 23, 2014590 shares

Motorola is redefining the low-end again. But why?

Without doubt, Motorola redefined what the term “low-end” means with the Moto G. Now Motorola is trying to redefine it yet again with the Moto E. But why?
Bobby SitukangpolesMay 20, 2014351 shares

Xiaomi’s Mi3 sold out in 17 minutes in Malaysia

Xiaomi started selling the $280 Mi3 in Malaysia on May 20th and their web store ran out of units in less than 20 minutes.
Bobby SitukangpolesMay 20, 2014658 shares

What every phone maker could learn from OnePlus

Despite being just 5 months old, OnePlus sure managed to grab a lot of attention with its OnePlus One debut. With that in mind, we take a look at what made the OnePlus' launch so ...
Bobby SitukangpolesApril 23, 2014981 shares
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