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Alvin Ybañez

Android is arguably the most flexible mobile operating system. Period. I'm extremely passionate about helping Android users around world get the most out of their Android devices by writing how-to guides and tutorials.

Alvin's Posts

LG Optimus G vs Samsung Galaxy S3

LG is not one to let other devices dominate the playing field. The company recently released its newest flagship smartphone, the Optimus G. The specs alone are something to ...
by Alvin YbañezOctober 31, 201220

Navy Battle 3D: Classic Battleship game, minus the pen and paper

The Battleship game is a popular pencil-and-paper guessing game. It consists of two players, each one with her or his own paper game board.   The players arrange their ships, ...
by Alvin YbañezOctober 29, 20124

G Cloud Backup: Easy cloud-based backup and restore

Cloud storage and cloud syncing seem to have crossed the border between fad and necessity.  With many people losing their mobile devices daily (1 every 3.5 seconds, according ...
by Alvin YbañezOctober 29, 201217

ANTIBIOTIC HD: A bug-zapping game for Android

Believe it or not, I really don’t like bugs. Imaging the tingling sensation when they crawl on your leg. Bugs hovering in the air are just like aircraft, looking for ...
by Alvin YbañezOctober 26, 2012

How to use NFC on the Galaxy S3 I9300 even if phone screen is locked

The Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 has an embedded NFC chip that allows you to share files to another NFC-capable device. Aside from sharing files, you can also pay your bills ...
by Alvin YbañezOctober 25, 2012

How to restore or unbrick the Galaxy S3 I535 after being soft-bricked

Sometimes when you flash a ROM on your Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-I535, the /system and /data partitions are not wiped properly, causing those partitions to be formatted ...
by Alvin YbañezOctober 24, 201224

How to prepare the Nexus 7 for flashing custom ROMs

We see a lot of toolkits that perform a variety of functions with just a click of a button. There are rooting toolkits that allow you to easily root your Android device. You ...
by Alvin YbañezOctober 22, 2012

Snappy Dragons 2: Save the little dragons from the red mages

The red mages aren’t quitting that easily. They have once again captured your little dragons and put them inside cages. In Snappy Dragons 2, you must set forth once ...
by Alvin YbañezOctober 17, 2012

Slide Meter: Using your phone to take length measurements

People often treat their Android smartphones as mini computers. With these devices, one can surf the Net, send email, watch movies, read a book, and much more without having ...
by Alvin YbañezOctober 16, 20124

Razor Salvation THD: Saving humanity from alien foes

For many years, Earth has been prosperous and peaceful, until one unfortunate day when the Xenos landed on our fertile land. Hungry for our rich resources, the Xenos invaded ...
by Alvin YbañezOctober 16, 2012
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