1 out of 5 smartphone users in the land down under would be more willing to give up their television set than their mobile device. This is one of the remarkable findings of a survey conducted by Google earlier this year. The study’s aim was to outline trends in smartphone usage such as finding out exactly how and where people use them.  The results were gathered from 30,000 respondents from 30 countries. Google partnered with global research company Ipsos to facilitate the survey and help carry out its wide scope.

The survey also brought to light that the country has the second highest number of smartphone users in the world, unexpectedly much more than the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan. This seemed to be a fairly recent development as the respondents admitted that they purchased their mobile devices only within the year preceding the survey. That means an estimated 1-2% of Australians buy a smartphone each month.

There are a few other notable usage trends revealed by the survey for that country. It appears that the smartphone is not necessarily used for its offered mobility as 81% of Australians just as frequently use it at home. 2 out of 5 smartphone owners use the device for Internet searches and it seems that 49% look for businesses to contact.

The smartphone is also a significant tool for real estate property searches from apartments to houses. In fact 1 in 5 Australians uses the device for this specific purpose. When it comes to apps, each owner has around 25 applications installed, a number which is slightly more than the average US or UK user who only has an average of 23 apps per phone.

Apparently, smartphone usage is increasing down under. One can say that in terms of commercial and entertainment purposes, Australians find smartphones are just as viable devices as laptops or desktops. The implication is that software developers, online marketers, content publishers, and business retailers should probably find more ways to take advantage of the growing value of the mobile platform.

via Official Google Australia Blog