Flexible AMOLED

Forget full HD and thin bezels, the displays our friends at Mobile Geeks saw during their recent trip to Taiwan blow anything you see now out of the water. Flexible, ultrathin, and with a pixel count double anything you’re looking at now. They also have deep viewing angles and colors that pop off the screen, leaving us wishing we’d see these in-hand sooner rather than later.

The video below highlights the displays at the AUO booth at Touch Taiwan earlier this week. The trade show, which (as you might imagine) centers around display technology, is in the heart of manufacturing country. Taiwan is the epicenter for both OEM and parts manufacturing, and the show definitely brings out the absolute best display technology imaginable.

AUO notes they don’t currently have customers for these displays, but that’s what trade shows are for. With technology like theirs, in a place like Taiwan, we can’t think it would be long until we start seeing them on real-world devices.