aukey usb charger deal

No one likes a slow charger. You could be spending that time you’re plugged into an outlet doing better things. Luckily for you, Aukey is running a variety of deals on chargers and speakers right now. Read on if you’re ready to spend more time on adventures and less time charging.

One of the best times to charge your phone is while you’re in the car. You’re not allowed to text, so it’s a great chance to recover some juice. Aukey’s 31.5W car charger with Quick Charge 3.0 is just $6.99 with a promo code right now ($3.00 off). If you prefer the power of USB-C charging, the dual-port 30W car charger is just $9.99 with code ($5 off).

Another essential accessory for adventures is a reliable Bluetooth speaker. The Aukey Eclipse with up to 12 hours of battery life is $29.99 right now (40% off). Check out the details for all three deals right here:

Aukey 31.5W Car Charger
$6 .99 Save $3 .00 Use offer code: HKXLHKWQ
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Aukey 30W USB-C Car Charger
$9 .99 Save $5 .00 Use offer code: Y2VA45PS
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Aukey Eclipse Speaker
$29 .99 Save $20 .00 Use offer code: UA2NF8OB
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Car chargers are convenient, but traditional wall chargers are often the quickest, most reliable options. They don’t drain your car battery either. However, many of these Aukey charger deals require USB-C cables, so make sure you have the right equipment.

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For iPhone users, the 18W compact USB-C charger with an included Lightning cable is $16.49 ($7.50 off). You can also select the 27W single-port wall charger for $11.99 ($12 off) or 27W dual-port wall charger for $9 ($10.99 off).

Aukey 18W USB-C Charger with Lightning cable
$16 .49 Save $7 .50 Use offer code: AVMKG48Z
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Aukey 27W USB-C Charger
$11 .99 Save $12 .00
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Aukey 27W Dual Port Charger
$9 .00 Save $10 .99 Use offer code: IIUJGKR2
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Those are the best Aukey charger deals currently available on Amazon, though deals can change at a moment’s notice. If you’re looking to grab a new charger you might want to act quickly!