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AT&T's Toggle service upgraded, aims to teach you how to (not) mix business with pleasure

June 13, 2012

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a trend that has really taken off during the past few years, with more and more companies encouraging their employees to use the same mobile devices for personal and business purposes.

However, you can’t just keep your work presentations, e-mails and documents next to your personal ones on a smartphone due to security issues, first and foremost.  This means you probably have been on the lookout for a service helping you organize personal and business tools and apps on a device.

That service might well be AT&T’s Toggle, unveiled for the first time last year and set to be significantly updated and expanded in the near future. Toggle helps you keep all your personal and corporate documents, apps and contacts on a single device while separating them enough to ensure safety and discretion.

With Toggle, you can divide your smartphone or tablet into two portions, a personal one where only you have access, and a business one, where your employers can give you secure access to work e-mail and corporate applications. You can easily and safely navigate between the two components of your device and you can therefore save your employer money. Simultaneously, you also save yourself from the hassle of always carrying around two mobile phones or tablets and constantly switching between the two, risking of getting confused and mixing business with pleasure.

The work portion of a Toggle-powered phone or tablet can be deleted by the employer when the employee leaves his job, so AT&T’s service ensures security and safety for both parties involved in the use of the device.

Toggle has supported Android phones and tablets from the get-go, but with the most recent update it will also work on iOS. BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone support is also on its way, being planned to be introduced by the end of 2012.

AT&T is also prepping several other improvements and updates to the service, including antivirus capabilities, to be introduced “soon”. That doesn’t mean Toggle is not functional right now; on the contrary, it has a friendly and accessible user interface, as well as a recently added feature allowing businesses to push their own catalog of applications to employees’ devices.

You should also know that, while the service is designed by AT&T, Toggle has been made to work with any Android or iOS-powered device, be it from Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile or any other carrier around. As far as pricing goes, the new version of the service will come with a $6.50 monthly subscription for each device using Toggle.

According to AllThingsD, AT&T will be introducing the updated Toggle service today at an analyst conference in Bedminster, New Jersey, so keep in touch, because we might have some updates on the topic for you soon enough. Also, you can check out this link on AT&T’s official website, detailing the service’s features and functions, both in writing and in video.