Looks like the #1 Android manufacturer is wasting no time in bringing their 5.3-inch beast over to the US. According to BGR, rumors suggest that it will be launching February 18th, that’s under a month away. AT&T plans to launch this tablet/phone hybrid device for $299 on contract, remember it is an LTE device. I really hope Samsung packed in a huge battery for this device, we already know LTE is a battery hog, but with a massive 5.3-inch display it’ll be worse.

BGR is also reporting that 2 new, unannounced devices will be making their debut the very same day — the Samsung Rugby Smart and the AT&T Fusion. The Rugby Smart is reportedly a $99 entry-level HSPA+ phone, while the AT&T Fusion, for which no specs are offered, will apparently sell for $124.99.

All of this is of course unannounced at this point, but if the Galaxy Note is planned to launch in mid-February we should be hearing more rumors very soon about it. Don’t forget to check out our Hands-on with the AT&T Galaxy Note from CES earlier this month.

Are you excited to get your hands on this massive LTE device that is coming to AT&T? Let us know in the comments.