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Attopedia brings the power of Wikipedia to Android Wear

Attopedia is a new app that essentially brings Wikipedia to your wrist, while breaking up the information into smaller and easier to digest chunks.
August 4, 2014

Android Wear is still a very new platform, but we’re already seeing a ton of great apps and services make their way to smartwatches running the Android-based interface. The latest of these efforts is a new app called Attopedia, which essentially brings the power of Wikipedia to your wrist.

To be fair, you already sort of had access to Wikpedia’s treasure trove of knowledge, as searching through Google Now often brings up segments of information that originates from Wikipedia. On the other hand, what if you want and need more details? With Attopedia, you can actually browse full Wikipedia pages that are broken down into grids of readable text. From there, navigating the interface is as easy as swiping up, down, left or right.


Overall, Attopedia is an interesting idea that takes a ton of information and presents it in a way that makes sense on a watch. Why would you need access to Wikipedia on your wrist when your phone is probably close by? The answer to that is up to you, though I certainly could see how it might come in handy for quick trivia questions and the like.

Android Wear users interested in trying out the app will find it for free on Google Play.