According to Bill Smith, president of AT&T network operations, AT&T will likely be adding between 1,500 and 3,000 macro cell sites per year for the”foreseeable future” as part of an effort to improve network coverage and capacity. AT&T already plans on deploying spectrum bands for LTE service, which the FCC will be auctioning later this year.

Smith also gave additional details as to how AT&T will be dealing with increased data traffic in the upcoming future:

  • AT&T will deploy 40,000 small cells on its network by the end of 2015.
  • AT&T has already deployed both indoor and outdoor small cells in 30 states.
  • AT&T is using tower-mounted radio heads to prevent power loss to its antennas to boost signal strength.
  • AT&T will embrace carrier aggregation, which bonds together disparate bands of spectrum to allow for faster speeds.
  • AT&T is going forward with its User-Defined Network Cloud initiative.

Just last year, AT&T agreed to sell or lease close to 10,000 towers to Crown Castle International for $4.85 billion. AT&T generates roughly $326 million in annual revenue from other companies who pay to lease space on their towers, according to JPMorgan research analyst Phil Cusick.

Let’s just hope AT&T actually informs local neighborhoods before they put these towers up:

illegal-100-foot-cell-tower-in-ridgewood-goes-unnoticed-for-months TowerPoint

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