Have an older mobile device collecting dust around your house? Starting tomorrow, AT&T will introduce a new trade-in promotion that could give you at least an $100 credit for your older gear.

Often enough, trading programs only accept a few limited models of phones for trading, but AT&T’s promotion is much less restrictive. The carrier will take any mobile hardware, as long as it isn’t older than three years. That means you can bring in a slightly older smartphone, netbook, tablet, data card or even a feature phone.

AT&T assures that all accepted devices will receive at least $100, but some newer devices might even fetch more than that. What makes this deal truly unique is that AT&T is giving customers flexibility in how to use the credit. The most obvious use is for those looking to get a newer phone. As long as you sign a two-year contract, the $100+ trade-in credit can be used on any smartphone that AT&T sells. This means that newer phones like the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy 4 will only end up setting you back $99.

Don’t need a new handset? You can also use your credit for picking up mobile accessories, or your trade-in amount can be applied to your monthly bill. If you are feeling charitable, you can also donate the credited amount to the Cell phones for Soldiers charity.

Many times these promotions seem too good to be true, but we admit this is a pretty impressive sounding deal for those that don’t mind committing to a contract.

Andrew Grush
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