Described as AT&T’s “first dual-core, dual-channel RAM processor” smartphone, the LG THRILL 4G is set to arrive in AT&T stores at an unspecified date this summer. The smartphone is expected to thrill mobile entertainment junkies, especially those with special affection for anything 3D.

The LG THRILL 4G’s main attraction is its 3D capability. It features a glasses-free 3D WVGA touchscreen (4.3 inches), a stereoscopic 3D back camera (dual-lens, 5 megapixels), 3D video capture ability at 720p, 3D video correction and stabilization technology, conversion functionality (from 2D to 3D) for both images and videos, and a host of preloaded 3D content and apps (including YouTube 3D, 3D games, and access to Gameloft 3D Store and mSpot).

LG Optimus 3D (a.k.a. AT&T Thrill 3D)

The device runs on a 1-GHz Texas Instruments OMAP4 processor, with Android 2.2 Froyo as its operating system, and LG’s customized TouchWiz user interface. It also features a micro HDMI port for hi-definition playback and is DLNA-capable. The phone also comes preloaded with AT&T Mobile Hotspot, which allows it to share its AT&T data connection to other devices via Wi-Fi. It also features a 1.3-megapixel front camera–great for video calls using the preloaded Qik app.

The LG THRILL 4G is the U.S. version of the LG Optimus 3D due to arrive in the U.K. on July 7.

Incidentally (or maybe not), Sprint recently announced that the HTC EVO 3D is now available for preorders for its Premier subscribers. The HTC EVO 3D has specs similar to the LG THRILL 4G.

If you’re thinking of getting a 3D superphone, it seems that you have a choice between thrill and evolutionary. But, then again, you may decide on the basis of mobile carrier. Which 3D superphone are you thinking of having?