Galaxy-S3 official

Although we’ve been praising Samsung for making the new Galaxy S3 available on all major US carriers at (around) the same time, unlike what happened with the S2 last year, the actual releases haven’t been that well organized.

And despite the fact that there are many US tech users still waiting to get their hands on the S3, the independent developing community has worked unbelievably fast and has already managed to post root methods for all three American carrier-branded S3s available.

Our good pal Chris Smith told you earlier today all about the Sprint root, a hacking method that also works smoothly on the T-Mo S3, and now the AT&T rooting pack is up for grabs as well. XDA Developers forum member howtomen started the thread just hours ago, but a bunch of other devs worked on the root too, so you shouldn’t direct all your thanks to him.

The installation instructions are very well detailed and explained over on XDA Developers, so experienced hackers, but also newbies, should have no problem in making this work. Then again, if there’s anything you don’t understand or you’re not quite sure exactly what you’re doing, you should not root your Galaxy S3 just for the fun of it.

Remember to back up your data before performing any one of the three roots and also that you’ll most likely void your phone’s warranty if you decide to meddle with its pre-installed software package. That being said, have fun with rooting your brand-new S3 and for all you skilled independent devs out there, let the custom ROMing begin!