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AT&T and Sprint Nexus 6 available at Best Buy, while AT&T has to send back their inventory

The Nexus 6 experiences more delays in it's early days of being available, but you can still buy it at Best Buy!

Published onNovember 21, 2014

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Device launches are really hard. At least, that’s what every carrier and manufacturer thinks recently, especially when it comes to the Nexus 6. We’ve seen countless hiccups in the launch process, from Google running out of stock, T-Mobile delaying their launch date, Sprint only selling the 32GB Midnight Blue version, the carrier-branded AT&T trampstamp variant, to Sprint randomly lowering the price of the phone a few days after launch. After all of that being said, let’s start with some good news, shall we?

You can now buy the Sprint and AT&T variants of the Nexus 6 from Best Buy beginning today. It comes in the 32GB Midnight Blue version only, but you can buy it. That’s more that AT&T can say about their Nexus 6 stock.

AT&T has been told to recall all of their initial Nexus 6 stock due to a software bug. Motorola found a bug that turns the screen black and fails to connect to service when the device is powered on. Obviously if this happens, the device is basically useless. Moto is currently working on a fix to the software, and plans to send new devices to stores within the coming days. Only the initial batch of phones have the bug, but since the device just launched, that’s basically the entire stock.


If you’ve found an issue with yours, we’d recommend taking it back and getting it replaced. Although you might need to wait, because AT&T can only really place the order for you online, then give you a call when a new one gets to the store. There’s no word yet as to when they’ll have more stock in-store, but let’s stay positive. You can try to head to Best Buy to find one if your local carrier store is out. Or better yet, you can buy one from Google directly, but only on Wednesdays.

Do you think these launch hiccups will steer people away from buying the device or just short-term problems that will be forgotten in time? Let us know in the comments!

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