Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has been officially confirmed as hitting Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and now C Spire in the United States, but things remain a bit unclear on the phone’s release dates.

Sprint has been the only carrier to officially announce the S3 as shipping on June 21, while all the others seem reluctant to clear the air once and for all. T-Mo is rumored to launch the new Galaxy phone on the same day as Sprint, while Verizon and US Cellular will most likely be (unfashionably) late to the release party, being expected to start shipments in July.

Finally, AT&T has kept completely quiet on the subject, leaving us to speculate and hope for the best. And while we don’t have anything official to report from the carrier, we’re now in a position to just about confirm the S3’s release date.

AT&T’s Galaxy S3 will start shipping on June 21 to Premier customers and “on or around” the same date for non-Premier users. The news comes from DroidMatters and is in no way confirmed, but seems trustworthy enough to make you impatient AT&T users start the countdown.

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As a quick refresher, AT&T will be offering the LTE version of the S3 with a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and 2 GB of RAM. The free 50 GB Dropbox storage promo will not be supported by “Ma Bell”, according to a recent report, but you will be able to get an exclusive snazzy red version of the S3 from AT&T.

Then again, the red S3 is not yet up for pre-order and will most likely not be released on June 21, along the “Marble White” and “Pebble Blue” versions of the phone.

AT&T is only offering the 16 GB version of the S3 for pre-order, while the 32 GB model will either be made available starting next month.

There you have it, folks, AT&T’s S3 should start shipping in just nine short days, if today’s rumors prove to be accurate. Are you excited? Have you already pre-ordered the phone? Will you be waiting for that red model or for the 32 GB version? Let us know below!

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