If you are an AT&T customer, the time you are allowed to take to get comfortable with a new device has just changed. Whereas customers used to have 30 days to return a device or cancel service without an early termination fee, starting today, it has been lowered to just 14 days.

Even if you purchased a device yesterday, you still benefit from the 30 day grace period, but for any purchases made today and afterward, the new policy is in effect. An AT&T representative has said “While this begins on October 7, AT&T customers will continue to have the option to update their voice and data plans at any time.” Certain business customers will not be affected by this policy update, but this is hardly a consolation for the rest of us.

While two weeks may seem like a decent amount of time to decide whether or not you are happy with a device, for people in certain locations, it certainly isn’t long enough to adequately determine whether your coverage  is sufficient. While users who have been with AT&T for a while may not find themselves effected much, new customers should be very careful to test their coverage as much as possible in the two weeks they have available to them.

Details regarding the new policy changes are now live on the AT&T website. It’s interesting to note that business users are only allowed 14 days for tablet returns, but get 30 days for all other devices. It seems odd that this practice isn’t the standard for all AT&T returns, especially since tablets usually aren’t as affected by issues like signal strength and network quality.

Have you ever returned a device or cancelled your service within the first month? How soon did you do it? Do you think you would be affected by this change?