Following last week’s expansion in Philadelphia and Wilmington, AT&T is bringing its 4G LTE network to more big markets in the country – all four of them.

AT&T sure took its time, but subscribers in Seattle can finally enjoy the ultra-fast mobile network that the carrier has to offer. AT&T’s Vice President Mike Maxwell said that is the response to the continued “demand for mobile Internet skyrocket,” and what customers ultimately seek “from their mobile experience.”

The country’s largest 4G network provider, as it claims to be, is also turning on its high-speed network in Portland. And just yesterday, two areas were added to its 4G LTE coverage: Birmingham, Alabama and Memphis, Tennessee.

All in all, AT&T 4G LTE service is now live in 64 markets – compared to the over 360 markets that its Verizon rival is touting. But hey, AT&T has until the end of 2013 to try and meet its goal of completing the 4G LTE deployment.

Anyone in the area mentioned above getting 4G speed on their device yet?