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AT&T reveals new GoPhone plans with LTE support

Interested in ditching traditional post-paid cell service but not willing to give up LTE access? AT&T's new LTE-capable GoPhone plans could be exactly what you are looking for.
June 14, 2013
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Prepaid cell service has come a long way in the United States in the last few years. What was once near-taboo, is becoming increasingly commonplace, even for those with the credit to qualify for post-paid plans. That’s because prepaid is often cheaper, all while offering more flexibility. Not to mention that great devices like the Nexus 4 certainly have hurt prepaid’s growth any.

One the downside, prepaid services also tend to offer much slower network speeds due to the lack of 4G LTE support. Luckily AT&T is changing this by introducing brand new GoPhone prepaid plans, which all support both HSPA+ and LTE.

Depending on your needs, there will be three different smartphone-compatible prepaid plans to choose from.

The base plan is just $25 a month, offering 250 minutes of calling, unlimited text and the option of 50MB of data for $5 more.The next up in the line is the $40 plan, giving you 200MB data, 500 minutes and unlimited texting. Additional data will run you $5 for every extra 100MB.

The optimal plan for most smartphone users will be the $60 plan, which gives you unlimited talk, text and 2GB data. Each additional 1GB of data runs just $10.

So when do the new plans with LTE support roll out? LTE access is slated to be available June 21st. With other prepaid options, like those from StraightTalk, costing less – is this a good deal? Honestly, it depends on how important LTE access is to you. If you mostly connect to Wi-Fi for data, probably not. If you are absolutely thrilled by the idea of 4G LTE support, this could be the perfect plan for you.