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Android 4.4 firmware leaks for the AT&T Galaxy S4 and AT&T Galaxy Note 3

XDA forum member 'Designgears' has posted up leaked Android 4.4 KitKat firmware upgrades for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. Read on for more details!
January 27, 2014

We’ve already seen leaked KitKat firmware for the international Galaxy S4, and the international Galaxy Note 3’s KitKat update has already started to reach quite a few countries over OTA. Some of our readers might be wondering: what about the U.S.?

If you’re one of these folks, you’ll be happy to know that Android 4.4 Kitkat firmware for the AT&T Galaxy S4 and AT&T Note 3 has now leaked to the web, courtesy of XDA Developers forum member Designgears.

Remember that things can and do go wrong when it comes to custom ROMs and leaked firmware, so proceed at your own risk.

Now before you head on over to the source and start downloading these firmware updates, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, these don’t seem to be the final versions that will eventually make their way to OTA and therefore are likely to have a fair share of bugs and other minor issues.

One noted issue for the Galaxy S4 is a bug that forces your device to reboot when playing video. You will also be flashing a new bootloader if you go through with the upgrade, which means you probably won’t have root access initially and you won’t be able to return to Android 4.3 firmware (not that you’d want to).

For more details on what is all involved when it comes to flashing the newly leaked firmware click here if you’re rocking the AT&T Galaxy S4, or here for the AT&T Note 3. Just remember that things can and do go wrong when it comes to custom ROMs and leaked firmware, so proceed at your own risk.

If you are excited for KitKat but not interested in running test firmware to get it, the good news is that the existence of these leaked ROMs suggests that an upgrade to KitKat on AT&T’s network isn’t too far away. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say exactly when we’ll see KitKat hit the U.S. carriers, though hopefully sooner rather than later.

So how about it, anyone try out either the Note 3 or Galaxy S4 leaked firmware? How did the installation go, and what do you think of the KitKat update so far?