Galaxy Note

Earlier today, Verizon announced the Galaxy Note 2 is finally getting Android 4.1.2. Now AT&T owners of the original Galaxy Note are also seeing an update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, starting tomorrow.

A jump to Jelly Bean means your Note will soon have Google Now, improved notifications, Project Butter speed improvements and other great Jelly Bean enhancements, but Samsung and AT&T aren’t stopping there.

Quite a few Note-specific updates are also arriving with build I717UCMD3, such as the addition of Popup Note, Popup Video and Browser, and other Samsung enhancements. While not nearly as exciting, Samsung also says that the keyboard and phone call quality is also improved in this latest build.

So how do you get your hands on Jelly Bean for your original Note? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to snag an OTA update, as the upgrade will require you to use Samsung Kies. While this might not be as convenient, it’s hard to complain considering the shear amount of improvements making their way over to loyal Note users.

It’s great to see that AT&T and Samsung aren’t forgetting about the folks who adopted Samsung’s massive smartphone long before big-screen phones were the hottest thing in town.

For more details on how to snag the upgrade through Keis, hit up the source link below.

Andrew Grush

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