The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is fitted with many interesting and useful software features that can’t be found outside the Galaxy line. A great example of this is the multi-window feature, which as its name suggests, allows users to run different apps through multiple windows all on the same screen. In the U.S., it has already been added to the Note 2 through Sprint and T-Mobile. And now, it has finally been made available to users under AT&T as well.

It appears that AT&T has fulfilled its promise of rolling out the multi-window software update to users of the Galaxy Note 2 as earlier reported. This small update is now available for download over the air, and according to the official statement, allows users to “divide the screen into two active “windows” creating a split screen that enables fluid multitasking between applications.”

AT&T has still not announced when it plans to upgrade the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s software to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. And if you’re a Note 2 user under AT&T, this can be a little frustrating. But at least now you’ve got the multi-window feature to tide you over until such time that the next “office upgrade” becomes available.

David Gonzales
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