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Businesses and data hungry families on the hunt for a pooled plan with plenty of internet usage might be interested in AT&T latest offerings. As with previous AT&T plans all you’re calls and texts are included, and there are three different data packages to choose from.

20 GB was the maximum data limit previously available to AT&T customers, but now you can chose from either 30, 40, or 50GB plans to suit your mobile data needs. Of course this sort of package doesn’t come cheap, the 30GB option comes in pretty dear at $300 each month, whilst the 40 and 50GB plans will cost an even heftier $400 and $500 respectively.

Data certainly isn’t cheap, and there are also some strings attached to these offers. Firstly, you’ll have to stump up a further $30 for each additional smartphone you add to your plan, and regular consumers are limited to ten devices. Businesses are given a little more leeway, allowing for up to 10 devices on the 20GB plan, 20 for 40GB, peaking at 25 smartphones on the 50GB tier.

Secondly AT&T will slap on a steep $15 per gigabyte additional charge if anyone goes over the limit, so your bill could end up even higher.

AT&T is also offering a data-only option called Mobile Share, granting you up to 50GB of data for $335 a month. The Mobile Share packages will go live on March 22nd and will come in a variety of deals ranging from 4 to 50GB in allowances, with prices starting at a more modest $30 a month.

I’m sure many people will be disappointed not to see an unlimited data plan on AT&T, but hopefully these options will provide businesses and the most internet hungry users with enough data to enjoy AT&T’s expanding LTE network.

Robert Triggs
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