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Carriers have been all about throwing around cash incentives for the past couple weeks. It all started when T-Mobile offered a free year of unlimited 4G LTE data to those who switch from the other 3 major carriers. Cricket then responded by offering a $100 credit to those who switch from T-Mobile (specifically).

T-Mobile’s archenemy and Cricket Wireless owner was not going to keep its arms crossed, though. Without making much fuzz, the AT&T is now bringing back its $100 credit for new lines. The battle is real, and though AT&T didn’t say much this is probably their way of discretely giving Magenta the finger.

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It’s relatively simple to take advantage of this deal, but it has its conditions. Of course, this is only for new lines, but subscribers must also sign up for AT&T Next to take advantage of this offer. Take care of those two factors and your bill credit will show up on your account 3 months after.

By the way, this bill credit offer has an expiration date.

With all the juicy details out of the way – which company are you giving your cash to? T-Mobile’s deal is very enticing to those who need their unlimited data, but Cricket’s $100 credit may be tempting as an immediate reward. AT&T’s deal is definitely a process, but it’s a good incentive, nonetheless.

By the way, this bill credit offer has an expiration date. You best make a decision quick if you are thinking of going with AT&T! You need to sign up before September 30th, giving you about a month to take care of business.

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