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Privacy minded Atlas Web Browser built with Material Design

Built using Material Design, the privacy minded Atlas Web Browser looks to keep you safe and speed up your browsing experience. Going so far as to blocking ads on a page, even allowing you to block all Javascript and rich media.
July 28, 2014
Atlas Web Browser bookmarks

Fed up with the abilities of current web browsers, specifically, their inability to easily customize the viewing experience based on a users privacy and ad preferences, Tod Liebeck decided to build his own browser. Let me introduce Atlas Web Browser, free in the Google Play Store.

Atlas Web Browser was designed to overcome a number of annoyances present not only in modern Android web browsers, but in the web pages that we view. Straight away, the app description explains that many websites utilize obnoxious advertising, excessive Javascript and annoying mobile “optimized” pages that are anything but.

Atlas Web Browser Right menu Filter

The tools to combat these common nuisances come in a rather simple set of settings. Pull in from the right to access a settings panel with controls for Content Filtering, Browser Mode and Experience, as well as a few other typical settings.

  • Content Filtering allows you to turn off advertising, privacy tracking, and block advertising using the AdBlockPlus EasyList filter.
  • Browser Mode is, as you guessed, the choice between Mobile or Desktop viewing modes.
  • Experience is where you can really save data and computing cycles, it offers three modes, Hi-Fi, Lo-Fi and Text. Use Hi-fi for normal browsing, Lo-Fi disables all JaveScript and rich media while Text strips the site down to just that, a text only view of the site.

[quote qtext=”Atlas feels like the custom ROM of web browsers” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”right”]A few nifty extras are available through a paid add-on to the app. First, and most important, the unlocked version will allow you to open more than four tabs at a time. After that, you’ll be able to save individual website settings for your privacy and ad block needs. Finally, Atlas Web Browser looks to provide functionality that many wish was built into the Android operating system already, allowing you to place two different sites side by side with the dual-view mode.

Great news: during the current beta phase, all paid add-on services are available for free, just hit the check box in Settings to activate.

Although Atlas Web Browser is built with Material Design and can run on all Android versions from I to L, the developer takes the time to remind us that there is only so much that can be done using the Android L developer preview. Promising that the app will become even more awesome when Android L and Material Design are fully released later this fall.

Atlas Web Browser Dual-View

Keeping in mind that Atlas Web Browser is still in beta, don’t be surprised it you encounter a few hiccups. Be sure to hit the XDA Forum to see if your bug has already been reported. Better yet, go to the same place to make feature requests to help shape this browser into the perfect tool for your surfing needs.

Atlas Web Browser is free; grab your copy from the XDA Forums, or hit the Google Play Store.

Blocking ads on a website is one thing, but how do you feel about blocking Javascript on a page?