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Atari rehashes 80s Centipede classic arcade game, brings Centipede: Origins to Android

June 22, 2012

Whether you’ve grown up playing the classic arcade games or you saw some of those games in movies and dreamt of being born a decade earlier, you are all probably familiar with Atari. The famous gaming developers didn’t have an easy time in adapting to the new age, but their most recent Android title doesn’t look half bad.

Centipede: Origins, recently unleashed in Google Play, is a rehashed version of the Centipede arcade game that made quite a fuss back in the ‘80s. With a fun and quirky storyline and decent visuals, Centipede: Origins might be worth your attention. And while it would have been nice for the game to have been made available for free, I’m sure that paying $0.99 for it isn’t beyond the reach of most mobile gamers.

The game’s main character you’ll be playing is a “peace-loving” gnome (told you it was quirky) and your mission will be to protect your precious garden from vicious bugs and the dreaded Centipede. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Before doing that, I have to warn you not to expect an overly complex gameplay or stunning visuals from Centipede: Origins. There are four playable levels and you’ll probably not finish all of them in one day, but, as far as I can tell the action is a bit repetitive and might bore you after a while.

As far as graphics go, Atari has chosen the middle way between 100% retro looks and modern-day HD visuals. The result looks decent enough to be worth its $0.99, but I personally think it would have been better to either go for a full nostalgia-longing design or for a modern, high-resolution look and feel.

Be that as it may, if you’ve ever wondered who would win a battle to the death between garden gnomes and vicious insects, or you’ve always wanted to throw a grenade (yes, a grenade!) right in the face of an ugly bug, Centipede: Origins is waiting for you over in Google Play.

Are you going to give Atari’s new game a quick whirl? Why? Why not?