Good news for those who have yet to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S3 on AT&T. Both Target and Amazon Wireless have the Galaxy S3 listed for $149.99. There’s a catch to the promotion, though.

The $149.99 deal for the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Target is only valid for those who are looking to upgrade their phones on AT&T. If you’re a new subscriber, the price is set at $189.99. Pre-ordering the phone now will guarantee that it will be shipped on June 21, which happens to be AT&T’s official launch date for the Galaxy S3 as well – says the fine prints.

Pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Amazon Wireless will also get you that $50 price cut from the carrier’s regular price of $199.99. The same rule applies here, as the $149.99 price is only valid for those who are upgrading their phones on an individual plan. New AT&T customers can get the phone for $189.99. Since Amazon Wireless has the Galaxy S3 on backorder status, we’re not sure when the online retailer will ship out the phone.

To sum up, getting the Galaxy S3 on Target or Amazon Wireless will save you at least $10 if you’re a new customer and a whopping $50 if you’re upgrading. Better make that decision now if you don’t want to miss out on this hot deal.