Let’s blame it on the scorching heat of the summer sun that is causing people to reach for their wallets and spend on the coolest gadget around.

It looks like the major carriers in the US are overwhelmed with the demand for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Sprint and T-Mobile were the first two to announce that they’re delaying the in-stores availability of the super phone, now AT&T has come forth with a similar problem.

Although AT&T hasn’t made an official statement, reports are trickling in from customers who have just placed their order that the expected shipping date of the phone has now been pushed back by a week, to June 28. We don’t think the delay will affect customers who pre-ordered the phone early, and they’re still expected to receive their phone as scheduled.

It’ll be interesting to see whether AT&T will have a full stock of the Galaxy S3 in their stores today or if the device will only be available in select cities, like what T-Mobile is doing. We’ll be on the lookout for more news on that.

In the meantime, have you heard back from AT&T regarding the latest expected shipment date of your pre-ordered Galaxy S3? For those who haven’t pre-ordered the phone yet, are you planning to go to an AT&T stores and try your luck?