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AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket HD officially canceled. Does anyone care?

May 10, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was and still is a spectacular phone. However, even though it’s still extremely popular and is making Sammy a boatload of money, it hasn’t managed to fully satisfy consumers in North America, at least from one point of view.

Samsung and the US carriers have used a confusing and quite erratic marketing strategy for the S2, and managed to confuse customers with a branding that didn’t seem to make much sense. We’ve had five or six different Galaxy S2 versions in the U.S. and at least four in Canada, although the “different” phones had little tweaks and distinctive traits.

The latest Galaxy S2 version to be unveiled was the so-called Galaxy S2 Skyrocket HD, announced back at the CES and set to hit AT&T’s shelves sometime in spring or summer. The Skyrocket HD actually had a couple of important upgrades and tweaks in comparison with the original S2 (a larger full HD screen and a snappier processor), but it was still basically the same phone, leaving us to wonder why would someone want to upgrade from the S2 to the S2 Skyrocket HD.

However, it now seems that the Skyrocket HD has been canceled and will never see the light of day, which, honestly, is a good thing. The report comes from The Verge, whose editors have talked with Samsung executive Ryan Bidan, so this is a trustworthy report and not just a rumor.

The cancelation of the Skyrocket HD is good news from at least two points of view. Firstly, it might mean that Samsung will not apply the same erratic branding to the S3 as it did with the S2. Wishful thinking maybe, but the Koreans might release an “original” Galaxy S3 and a couple of rehashed and renamed versions, at most.

The bigger news is that it is now almost certain that the Galaxy S3 will hit AT&T. Bidan motivated the decision to cancel the Skyrocket HD by saying that the phone simply “didn’t make sense in the light of the Galaxy S3 announcement”. That can only mean one thing: AT&T will be one of the first US carriers to pick up the handheld and it needed to tie all the loose ends to conduct a grand advertising campaign.

As some of you might already know, Samsung has failed to offer any details on the Galaxy S3’s US release, other than that the phone will be coming in the summer and that it will hit “the fastest HSPA+ and LTE networks” in the country.

What do you guys think? Can we hope for a more unitary Galaxy S3 branding? Is the S3 coming to AT&T? And finally, are you the least bit sorry for not being able to pick up the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket HD?